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The volunteers of the WNG are citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who have agreed to participate in the organization and execution of The World Nomad Games. They are sharing their experience, knowledge, abilities, skills and time without monetary compensation for their work. Volunteers can be any citizen of Kyrgyzstan older than 18.

Our volunteers have the following characteristics:

    - Good will;
    - Hard working;
    - A wish to help and collaborate;
    - Reliability;
    - Good communication skills;
    - Flexibility;
    - The ability to work well under stress;
    - Leaderships skills;
    - Knowledge of foreign languages;
    - Volunteer experience.

Why volunteers want to work with us:

    - The possibility to take part in the largest international project yet in the Kyrgyz Republic;
    - Being part of a unique experience;
    - Making new friends from around the world;
    - Language practice;
    - Opportunity to be at the Opening and Closing Ceremony, and to see the sporting and culture events at the WNG;
    - Transportation, housing, and food provided during the Games;
    - Official uniforms and souvenirs;
    - Certificates of participation in trainings and seminars;
    - Certificate of participation in organizing and executing the WNG.

700 volunteers will participate in the World Nomad Games.

500 volunteers are training as dancers to perform in the Opening Ceremony. Their most important skill was their ability to dance. They are training every day for the Opening Ceremony, from July 1st to August 27th.

200 sporting volunteers will be working at the sporting events at the Games. They will be meeting and accompanying the sporting delegations, organizing the accommodation of visitors and guests during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games, and will be helping with the organization of sporting and cultural events at the Game.

During May and June, the sporting volunteers underwent training in the following areas:

    1. The history of volunteering (especially about work with youth);
    2. First aid and medical aid;
    3. The history of sports and sporting culture in the Kyrgyz Republic (about athletes, their achievements, and sporting federations);
    4. The history and culture of Kyrgyzstan (about the history of cities, the geography of Bishkek and Cholpon-Ata, locations of stations and airports);
    5. Diplomatic protocol and etiquette (public diplomacy, meeting and accompanying delegations);
    6. The different traditional sports of the Kyrgyz Republic (including their origins and rules);
    7. Working in a team and teambuilding exercises;
    8. Communication and leadership skills (like cooperating with different groups);
    9. PR and social media marketing (focusing on communication, especially on social media and with audio, photo and video);
    10. Time management and logistics;
    11. Managing emergency situations.

The volunteers were organized under the control of the State Agency for Youth, Physical Culture and Sports under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Manas Republic Youth Palace under the State Agency and the Secretariat of the World Nomad Games.

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