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Horse racing

Horse racing

Traditional Horse Racing​.

To the national horse racing are referred long distance horse racing and the race of pacers.

National horse racing is subdivided to types depending on horse age, distance and racing technique:

1. Chong at chabysh – long distance racing.

Teams are made up of 4 people: 2 riders, 1 coach, and 1 veterinarian. Jockeys must be over 18 years old. Horses must be at least four years old to compete, but any breed may participate in this race. The race covers a distance of 80 km. Kyrgyzstan’s team consists of 21 horses, 3 jockeys from each region.

2. At chabysh – long distance racing. Teams are made up of 3 people, two jockeys and one coach. Jockeys over the age of 12 are allowed to participate. Horses over 3 years of any breed can participate in this 22 km race. Kyrgyzstan’s team consists of 21 jockeys, 3 from each region.

3. Jorgo salysh – pacer racing.

Pacing refers to a specific gait of horses, and the race must be run in this gait. If the horse breaks gait for more than three strides, he may be disqualified. Teams are made up of two people, a jockey and a coach. The competition is open for riders over 12 years old, and is held over a distance of 11 km. Representing Kyrgyzstan are 21 pacers, 3 from each region.

4. Kunan chabysh – racing two-year-old horses.

Teams consist of 3 people: two jockeys and a coach. Jockeys over 12 are allowed to participate, riding on stallions of all breeds aged between 2 and 3 years old. The course is 11 km long. Kyrgyzstan’s team has 21 stallions, 3 from each region.

Download detailed rules of Chong at chabysh
Download detailed rules of At chabysh, Jorgo salysh, Kunan chabysh