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Traditional archery

Traditional archery

Traditional Archery​.

There are several different types of archery that will be represented at the Games, but all use traditional bows (rather than internationally regulated ones) and require traditional clothing.

Joo jaa atuu is standing archery, where participants have five opportunities to shoot at a stationary target, usually an image of a mountain goat. Teams consist of 9 people (five men, three women and one coach).

Atchan jaa atuu requires riders on horseback to shoot at a stationary target (also usually a picture of a mountain goat) from a full gallop. Three targets are placed 35 meters apart, and riders approach at a gallop and have to shoot at all three targets. Riders make three approaches at the targets, totaling 15 shots. Archers are judged based on their speed and accuracy. Teams require six people – five archers and one coach.

In Mass bow range compete sportsmen, who participated in hiking shooting and horseback shooting. Men and women can participate in this type of competitions, the number of participants – is not limited. Mass archery at a distance is carried by 10-15 people.

Composition of the team - 16 people: 13 participants (10 men, 3 women), 2 coach, 1 judge. Participants older than 16 years are allowed to take part in competitions. Competitions are held among men and women.

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