21.07.2016 15:00

Azerbaijan Confirms Participation in the World Nomad Games 2016

The Republic of Azerbaijan has officially confirmed its participation in the Second World Nomad Games. A letter was officially sent by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Secretariat of the WNG 2016.

“The composition of the delegation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the participation of athletes at the competitions of different sports will be communicated at an established time,” was written in the letter.

As of July 21st, the list of provisional applicants to the WNG 2016 includes 18 countries:
1. Argentina (alysh);
2. Armenia (alysh);
3. Azerbaijan (Ministry of Sport);
4. Brazil (alysh);
5. Columbia (alysh);
6. Ecuador (alysh);
7. Guatemala (alysh);
8. Hungary (archery);
9. Indonesia (martial arts);
10. Israel (martial arts);
11. Kazakhstan (9 types of sports);
12. Mongolia (martial arts);
13. Pakistan (martial arts);
14. Peru (alysh);
15. RF Bashkortostan (martial arts);
     RF Sverdlov Oblast (martial arts);
     RF Karachaevo-Cherkessia (martial arts);
16. Slovakia (archery);
17. Turkmenistan (martial arts);
18. USA (martial arts, ordo and intellectual games).

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the KR, the Secretariat of the WNG 2016, the State Agent for Youth Affairs, Physical Culture and Sports under the Government of the KR along with the Directorate and Federations of National Sports of the KR are currently conducting discussions with representatives of 36 countries concerning participation at the upcoming Nomad Games.

For reference: According to the regulations about the execution of the Second World Nomad Games, participating countries must send their final applications for participation in sporting competitions before August 7th, 2016.