07.09.2016 17:56

Commemorative Coins “National Sports and Games” Presented at WNG

The National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic organized a release and sale of numismatic productions and bars of gold as part of the World Nomad Games.

The exposition included commemorative silver and gold coins, released by the National Bank in the last 20 years. In the items on display there is also the most in-demand coin in recent times, “The World Nomad Games”, plus the latest silver coin released by the National Bank “25 Years of Independence of the Kyrgyz Republic”, the most notable silver coin “The Great Silk Road”, which won a contest of “Coin of the Year” in Berlin, and also coins from the popular series “Epic of the Kyrgyz Kaganat”, “National Sports and Games”, “Kyrgyzstan on the Great Silk Road”, “The Red Book of Kyrgyzstan”, “The Writings of Chingiz Aitmatov”, and others.

Collectible coins are not just souvenirs or items in collections, but also an important source of information. The National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic releases coins in order to memorialize historical events related to the formation of the Kyrgyz government, the creation of historical memorials, commemorating jubilees, achievements in sports and culture, the revival of national customs and games, the promotion of disappearing types of flora and fauna in Kyrgyzstan.

The National Bank of Kyrgyzstan releases commemorative coins that use the latest technology in production: gilding, holograms, pad printing, oxidation, and the setting of different stones (diamonds, Swarovski crystals). For the designs of commemorative coins, professional artists and designers are brought in.


Between 1995 and 2016, the National Bank has released 59 commemorative coins in 12 different types: 43 silver (“The Great Kyrgyz Kaganat”, “Barsbek, Kagan of the Kyrgyz”, “Kymbez of Manas”, “Tunduk Kotoruu”, “Souvenir Kyrgyzstan”, “Tamga – Symbol of Unity”, and others), 4 gold (“Manas”, “Osh – 3000”, “Kurmanjan Datka”, “Snow Leopard”), 2 Melchoir (“Komuz”, “Kyz Kuumai”), 10 copper-nickel (“Tash-Rabat”, “Uzgen Archeological Complex”, “Sulaiman-Too”, “Burana”, “Issyk-Kul”, and others).

Commemorative coins from Kyrgyzstan have won awards in prestigious international coin competitions. The series of coins “The Writings of Chingiz Aitmatov” was awarded an honorable diploma from the trade house “BIBLIO GLOBUS” as part of the Fourth International Competition of Commemorative Coins “Coin Constellation – 2010”, which took place in Saint Petersburg, and the series “The Great Silk Road” was the winner of the “Coin of the Year” competition, held by Krause Publications in Berlin in 2013, for the nomination “Most Historically Significant Coin”. The silver commemorative coin “Saimaluu-Tash” took third place in the international competition “Coin Constellation – 2014” in Moscow in the category “Silver Coin of the Year”.


As announced by the National Bank, it is necessary to properly preserve coins. Otherwise, they may be exposed to the damaging effects of the environment: air, humidity, and overheating can ruin numismatic value. To avoid damaging coins, they must be stored in an acrylic capsule, which allows for it to stay in pristine condition. Coins with even small amounts of damage (small scratches, fingerprints) lose their numismatic value. Thus, we strongly recommend not to open the acrylic capsule or to take the coin out.

Secretariat of the World Nomad Games