07.09.2016 11:02

Executive Committee of CIS: “Kyrgyz Land is the Cradle of Nomadic Civilization”

The Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States sent a welcoming letter to participants and organizers of the World Nomad Games 2016

“From the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States, we would like to welcome participants and organizers to the Second World Nomad Games.

“Kyrgyz land is the cradle of nomadic civilization. The picturesque Lake Issyk-Kul and its shores and surrounding valleys were witnesses to the history of this region, and they didn’t accidentally become the venue for this grand and truly spectacular event featuring rich ethno-sports, ethno-culture and scientific programs.

“The Games display the tradition of raising a strong spirit and body in people, and also create an opportunity for participants of the competitions and the many visitors to really enjoy the national contests and the colors of these traditional sports, sports that cannot be found at the Olympics. It’s very important, that thanks to the care of the Kyrgyz Republic, that in Issyk-Kul Region sporting venues will remain which can be used for raising the future heroes of the Kyrgyz nation.

“It is encouraging that the theme of saving and developing traditional sports has become relevant for the entire Commonwealth of Independent States. A program of the same name was approved by a Decree of the Council of the heads of state of CIS countries, and is already on the path to being realized. One of the results of this work in this area is the upcoming Festival of National Types of Sport, representing the participating states of the CIS, which will be held for the first time in the Russian city of Ulyanovsk in 2017.

“I’m sure that these Games won’t just leave an unforgettable impression, but will also contribute to better mutual understanding of traditions and mentalities between people, will improve tolerance, and will develop the rich cultural heritage in the Commonwealth.

“I hope that the participants in the Games show their strength, dexterity, and proficiencies – let the strongest win! And to our guests – we hope you have a wonderful experience and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of nomadic life!

Representative of the Executive Committee –

Executive Secretary of the CIS        S. Lebedev”

Secretariat of the World Nomad Games