26.06.2016 12:00

For the First Time Kyrgyzstan will Host an International Sand Sculpting Festival

June 26 – Over 50 sculptors from 16 different countries are about to arrive in Kyrgyzstan for an international festival. Masters from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, France, India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Japan and Italy have already confirmed their participation, and Kyrgyz sculptors will take an active part. This event is dedicated to the Year of Culture and History of the Kyrgyz Republic and the World Nomad Games, and this will be the main theme of the festival. Sculptors from Central Asia will work with the theme “History and Culture of Kyrgyzstan”, and international contestants will create pieces with the theme “The World Nomad Games”.

The festival’s opening will be held on July 31st, and the festival will last 15 days. Participants will start to arrive at Lake Issyk-Kul on July 15th. All the sculptors need to have their projects approved and complete the sculpture within 7 days.

“So far, the prize fund has 500,000 som, and entrance to the festival will be paid, to cover costs. But we assure you that entrance will not cost more than 200 som. 60% of the collected money will go to expenses, and the remaining 40% we will donate to children with disabilities,” said the organizing committee.

Source: ZANOZA