07.09.2018 16:30

Kyrgyzstan wrestlers won five gold medals in the wrestling “er enish”

Today, September 7, at the racetrack of Baktuu - Dolonotu the final battles in er énish ended. Five gold medals in five weight categories were fought by five Kyrgyz and Kazakhstan wrestlers.

In all five categories, Kyrgyz wrestlers won gold medals.

Winners' names:

1 place:

60 kg - Jekshenbek Turdubekov - Kyrgyzstan;

70 kg - Buzurmankul uulu Kalybek - Kyrgyzstan;

80 kg - Berdibek uulu Islam - Kyrgyzstan;

90 kg - Konokbai uulu Barkyjokov - Kyrgyzstan;

90+ kg - Kumushbek Kydyraliev - Kyrgyzstan.


2nd place:

60 kg - Azamat Sergazin - Kazakhstan;

70 kg - Ernazar Baigonov - Kazakhstan;

80 kg - Berdibek uulu Islam - Kazakhstan;

90 kg - Syrym Izbasarov - Kazakhstan;

90+ kg - Birzhan Kosaliev - Kazakhstan.


3rd place:

60 kg - Bazarbai Matiev-Mongolia;

70 kg - Magay Aytkaly - Mongolia;

80 kg - Munur uulu Amantour - Russia (Krasnosiark)

90 kg - Chynybek uulu Ruslanbek - Russia (Krasnoyarsk)

90+ kg - Talibov Ikhtiyor - Uzbekistan.


Winners of the first place will receive 70 thousand soms, second place - 35 thousand soms, and bronze medalists - 17 thousand 500 soms.

Er enish is traditional Kyrgyz wrestling.

Currently the competitions in er ehish are held on a flat round platform. In the fight two wrestlers fight, they are stripped to the waist, they should have a "kushak" (belt), a kerchief, trousers of strong material, boots, in the hands they should hold kamcha (whip). At the beginning of the fight wrestlers on horseback at the command of an arbiter approach the center of the circle. At the command the scrimmage begins. In order to win a wrestler needs to sneak an opponent off the horse, so that he touches the ground with any part of the body.