14.06.2016 14:00

Magyars are going to demonstrate their national games at the World Nomad Games

Magyars are going to demonstrate their national games at the World Nomad Games.

“Magyars will demonstrate their national games at the Second World Nomad Games. They expressed their desire to participate in our games because they have positioned themselves as nomads too” - said Zhanybek Kozhoev, press officer of the government's plenipotentiary representative in region.

Press service of the plenipotentiary representative of the KR Government in Issyk-Kul region reports that Askhat Akibaev, Plenipotentiary representative of Issyk­Kul region has met with Andras Zsolt Biro, Chairman of the Great Hungarian Kurultaj the day before.

The meeting focused on the participation of the Hungarian delegation in the Second World Nomad Games and prospects of implementation of joint activities.

“The idea of both the World Nomad Games and the Great Hungarian Kurultaj are same and make a basis for studying the heritage of nomadic civilization but the most important thing is that both of them unite states of the world, thus demonstrate diversity of the national culture, the depth of the philosophy and history of nomadic people”, - noted A. Akibaev.

The head of the region told about the ongoing preparations of the Second World Nomad Games.

“This year the Opening ceremony of the Games and some events will be held at the new hippodrome, which meets all international standards. In Issyk-Kul region will start their working sports and forum centers of nomadic civilization, whose construction is carried out by JSC “Gazprom” as part of the “Gazprom to Children” program. In Kyrchyn will be set up ethno-town, where “Games of the people of the world” and other cultural events and ethnosports competitions will be held. Games’ presentations have been held in many countries around the world. Delegations from about 40 countries are invited to our event” – said the Plenipotentiary representative of Issyk­Kul region.

Source: KyrTAG