14.07.2016 12:00

New Official Site Released for World Nomad Games

On July 1st, the official site of the World Nomad Games 2016 was released. Its design reflects the overall design of the Games. The site was created by the group IT Attractor, in coordination with and under the control of the Secretariat of the World Nomad Games. Among the team working on the site was director Maksim Kosyakov, directors of the project Veronika Yurchenko and Mariya Galunova, and developers Valeriy Glebov, Valeriy Frolov, among others.

While preparing the site, the founder of the company Svetofor Aziz Soltobaev was called in to consult, and other members of the company, including Aleksandra Ischenko and Fariza Chilmergenova, helped with issues related to social media, optimizing the site, and search-engine optimization and analytics.

Not a single som from the government budget was spent creating the site, as the site was creating with help from Amana Tentieva from the investment company The Farm. The site is located on Kyrgyztelekom servers; Kyrgyztelekom also helped with the administration and configuration of the site.

The structure of the home page of the site consists of a menu bar, a news feed, an informational banner, pictures of the types of sports, a photo and video gallery, and a banner showing the sponsors and partners of the WNG. During the Games, a schedule and program of all events of the WNG will be available, as well as a medal count. The site has Kyrgyz language, Russian language, and English options. When the site loads, it will automatically open to the version in the language that the visitor is using.

In addition, special pages will be created about the different participating countries (including information about the country, the number of participants, and which types of sports they are participating in), about participants (with information about athletes, their background, and their results), and this will be updated as soon as countries and athletes confirm their participation in the Games. An electronic store will also be available, where anyone can see and buy branded souvenirs from the World Nomad Games.

The site has an active design that is able to fit a wide variety of screens, including a mobile version.

The old version of the site from the First World Nomad Games 2014 has been archived, and now all necessary information is available on the new site for the current Games.