07.09.2016 14:35

Stallion from Cholpon-Ata Wins 80 km Race

Competitions in Chon at chabysh, an 80 km horse race, took place today, September 6th, in Kyrchyn Gorge as part of the World Nomad Games.

23 athletes from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Russia took part in the race. All podium places were occupied by participants from Kyrgyzstan. The total prize fund was 850 thousand soms: 400 thousand for first place, 150 thousand for second place, 100 thousand for third place, 80 thousand for fourth place, 60 thousand for fifth place, 40 thousand for fifth place, and 20 thousand for seventh place.

Results of the race:

First place: Ak-Kula, 8 years old. Owner – Asanbek Ata stable, trainer and jockey – Jenish Batyrkulov (Cholpon-Ata, Issyk-Kul Region);
Second place: Noorus, 6 years old. Owner – Almaz Nogoibaev, trainer and jockey – Chyngyz Imanaliev (Kara-Balta, Chuy Region);
Third place: Kokcerek, 7 years old. Owner – Stable No. 113, trainer – Tashtan Karypov, jockey – Rysbek Karimov (Talas);
Fourth place: Hamlet, 4 years old. Owner – Salamat Turganbaev, trainer and jockey – Adilet Kusenov (Ton, Toguz Bulak);
Fifth place: Obama, 5 years old. Owner – Jumake Ryskeldiev, trainer – Janybek Duishebaev, jockey – Adilet Toguzbaev (Naryn, Emgek-Talaa);
Sixth place: Mustafa, 5 years old. Owner and trainer – Ulanbek Mambekov, jockey – Ravshan Mananbek uulu (Talas);
Seventh place: Baitoru, 5 years old. Owner – Mirz Shuguraliev, trainer – Oleg Brokhovetskii, jockey – Mirz Shuguraliev (Issyk-Kul Region).

Secretariat of the World Nomad Games