04.09.2018 16:56

The Kok-Boru team from Krasnoyarsk defeated the Americans with a big difference in the scores

Today, September 4, at the racetrack of the village of Baktuu-Dolonotu on the second day there are group competitions on Kok-Boru. In group C the team from the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk played with the team of the United States of America. The Americans are taking part in this sport for the second time in the framework of the World Nomad Games. In the fight against the Krasnoyarsk team, the Americans were able to score only three goals, conceded 17. Their next rival will be the national team of Kazakhstan.


On September 3, during the first group games, teams of Kok-Boru from Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia met. Kyrgyz sportsmen won the game with a record score of 29: 5. The Uzbekistan team also defeated the team from Bashkortostan 19: 1 with a devastating score. The Kok-Boru team from Moscow was stronger than the one from Afghanistan. The score was 7: 2. 

In the championship of Kok-Boru 11 teams take part which, according to the results of the draw, are divided into 4 groups:

Group A


Altai (Russian Federation)


Group B

Moscow (Russian Federation)


Group C



Krasnoyarsk (Russian Federation)

Group D