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Horse Rentals

Horse Rentals

If foreign teams who will be participating in horse races and equestrian events are unable to bring their own horses for any reason, they must inform the State Agency for Youth Affairs, Physical Culture and Sports under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic before August 20th, 2016. In this case, teams will be supplied with horses by the hosting party. The host country will take all necessary measures in choosing horses for foreign teams. 

Horse rentals for participation in kok-boru, er enish, cirit and horseback archery is carried out at the expense of host country.
Horse rentals for participation in horse racing competitions is carried out at the expense of participating teams and only with the rider. 

Forms for renting horses for: At chabysh - Jorgo Salysh - Kunan chabysh.

Please address all questions to the Argymak Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic: Ainura Ergeshova, tel. +996 555 374-054 or by email

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