Italy (officially known as the Italian Republic) is located in Southern Europe, in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. Italy borders France on the north-west, Austria and Switzerland on the north, and Slovenia on the north-east. The Vatican and San Marino are located within Italy.

Italy is located on the Italian Peninsula, with a little bit on the Balkan Peninsula; the Padan Plain and the Alps are in the northern part of the country. Sicily, Sardinia and other small islands are to the south of the Italian Peninsula.

Official language – Italian.

Capital – Rome.

Biggest cities – Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Venice.

Form of government – Parliamentary constitutional republic.

Area – 301, 338 km2.

Population – 60,795,612.

Currency – Euro.

ISO Code – IT.

IOC Code – ITA.

Time zone – UTC +1 and UTC +2.