Show performances

Show performances

Every participating country can demonstrate its own national sports, folk games, traditions as a show performance outside of WNG III competition program. The Organizing Committee will elaborate the program of show performances, provide special venue to run them, and make arrangements for their coverage in mass media based on the information provided in applications.

Financial terms and conditions

The Organizing Committee acting through the State Agency will cover transportation expenses (Bishkek, Manas International Airport, Kyrgyz border crossing point Tamchy, railway routes) as well as any other transfers to and from places of accommodation, show performance venues.

Sending organizations will cover all expenses associated with transportation, accommodation and meals for the participants of show performances, and transportation of any other items, attributes or gear.

Arrival and departure conditions

If animals (horses, hunting birds, camels, yaks, etc.) participate in show performances, the country representative should provide all relevant documents (animal medical certificates and passports, including vaccinations’ data) for unhindered importation and exportation of animals according to the Kyrgyz veterinary and customs procedures.


For additional information regarding participation in show performances please contact the following person:

  • Zhamilya Mambetkulova, specialist in the State Agency for Youth Affairs, Physical Education and Sports under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, e-mail: