The Second World Nomad Games

The Second World Nomad Games

World Nomad Games 2016 were held from 3 to 8 September, 2016 in Issyk-Kul region. World Nomad Games is a big country project, which is being as a national brand, is very rapidly gaining a strong position in an international area.

“In recent years, the commercialization and politicization of sport, the transformation of sports into the space of ideological contradictions and conflicts make us to think about the humanization of sports movement.

On the basis of this, the main idea of the Nomad Games, the idea of rapprochement of peoples and cultures is being built. For us nomads, it is a celebration of a return to our roots, an opportunity to show our children and the world the richness of nomadic culture.

For viewers it is a way to learn new things, to touch the pristine nature and ancient traditions, to see the kindness and sincerity of nomads. Therefore, the program of festival included not only sports competitions, but also acquaintance with the life, lifestyle, traditions, art and philosophy of nomads,” – said the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, welcoming the participants and guests of the World Nomad Games 2016.

The idea of the revival and preservation of historical and cultural heritage of a civilization of nomadic peoples has been supported by many states, has united different countries that participated in World Nomad Games 2014, and has attracted the attention of other countries that have expressed a desire to participate in World Nomad Games 2016.

In World Nomad Games 2016 participated 62 foreign states; of these 17 states have presented cultural programs; sports delegations were presented by 62 countries and 1200 participants (coaches and athletes). This year, unlike the first games, the number of competitions in national sports was increased. The representatives of different countries competed in 23 sports. The total prize fund for sports was 28 million 400 thousand KGS.

During the competitions 79 sets of medals were played; a total number is 387, of which 111 gold, 111 silver and 165 bronze. The most spectacular were recognized marital arts in particular the national wrestling Kyrgyz kurosh, which were held at the Sports and Recreation Center in Cholpon-Ata city. The auditorium designed for 700 seats was crowded with viewers all days of competition.

One of the most unusual participants of the competitions in Kok-Boru and Ordo were teams of Russia and USA.

The most intriguing and anticipated was the match in Kok Boru between the teams of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The Hippodrome, accomodating 10 thousand viewers, was overflowed by fans from different countries.

During the First World Nomad Games, the competitions were held in 10 sports, of which 9 sports were Kyrgyz and 1 sport was represented by Kazakhstan. This year the competitions were held in 23 sports, 7 of which were represented by Turkey, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Yakutia (Russian Federation).

More than 650 representatives of all types of media, as well as dozens of bloggers arrived to cover colorful events of WNG. Of these, more than 300 media represented 90 foreign media, and the rest – representatives of local media.

The opening ceremony was broadcasted live by such TV channels as: Mir24, MirHD, Match TV, TRT, KazSport, TV channels of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and others. Local TV channels such as: KTRK, KTRK Sport, Madaniyat, ELTR, 5th Channel, Piramida, NTS, as well as all regional channels.

In addition, the Euronews, NHK, Al Jazeera, China TV, Deutsche Welle, Russia Today, “My Planet”, and other big TV channels of Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries regularly broadcasted to its viewers’ news and special reports about the events of WNG. Such major publications and news agencies as Reuters, National Geographic, China Daily, Associated press, Sputnik, Xinhua, etc., regularly published materials on the World Nomad Games 2016.

In general, more than 800 million viewers worldwide watched the opening ceremony of the World Nomad Games 2016.

The opening ceremony of the World Nomad Games was attended by more than 10 thousand people.

The grand ethno town called “Kyrgyz village”, which was consisted of 9 nomad’s camps, representing seven regions of Kyrgyzstan and two big cities – Bishkek and Osh, was located on the picturesque Kychyn Gorge. Here spectators could see the culture of nomads and get acquainted with the traditions and customs of the Kyrgyz people, the better understanding of which was given by the folk festival “Nomad’s Universe”. Guests and participants of the games also had an opportunity to see national dwellings of different peoples, become spectators of the competitions in national sports.

On the first day of the opening of ethno town “Kyrgyz village” more than 40 thousand people visited the grand show.

Another major festival Nomad Fest with the participation of Kyrgyz and foreign artists was held at the Hippodrome. For three days Kyrgyzstan was a platform for different peoples, who have shown to the world the value, culture and way of life of their ethnic groups.

About 5000 artists and actors from all regions of Kyrgyzstan were involved in performances at WNG 2016.

The French band “Ottawan” (Patrick Celestin), popular Russian pop house singer, ex-soloist of group “A’Studio” Polina Griffith, legendary group “Gorod 312”, famous Kazakh group “Ayumi”, consisting of trio of young and talented girls, singer from Azerbaijan Farid Khasanov – winner of Turkviziyon 2013, singer from Turkey Funda Kilic – finalist of Turkviziyon 2014 performed at the closing ceremony of the Games. The duet from Yakutia (Russia) Evgeniy Zolotaryev and N. Lharasanova sang their songs.

In addition, the famous dancer and entertainer, finalist of “America’s Got Talent” Snap Boogie (Cjaiilon Andrade) together with the Kyrgyz dancer Jan Voinov demonstrated their dances.

The World Nomad Games showed to the world community the country, which in the era of globalization managed to preserve their culture and traditions, and not afraid to show the uniqueness and identity of its people.