25.08.2018 11:47

700 employees of the General Directorate for Road Safety will ensure road safety during the III WNG

More than 700 employees of the the General Directorate for Road Safety of Ministry of  Internal Affairs(GDRSMIA) will serve during the III World Nomad Games on September 2-8, 2018 in the Issyk-Kul region.

During the nomad games, a special hotline - 1262- is opened, where you can contact on all issues relating to road safety, travel schemes, parking areas, etc.the Hotline will work around the clock.

For the convenience of foreign guests and tourists who came to the Games of the nomads, 10 employees  of the GDRSMIA who speaks in English will work in the venues.

In order to inform the population and guests of the World Nomad Games, the GDRSMIA issued a booklet with a detailed map of the location of  Parking areas in the venues of events, the scheme of driveways, and the locations of the GDRSMIA posts. On these posts it is possible to receive these booklets..