26.07.2016 12:00

China Confirmed Participation in the World Nomad Games 2016

The People’s Republic of China has confirmed their participation in the World Nomad Games 2016. Confirmation was communicated through a letter sent by the General Administration of Sport of China to the Secretariat of the WNG 2016.

“We are happy to learn that the 2nd World Nomad Games will be hosted by your beautiful country from 3 to 8 September. We will send a delegation, 59 persons in all, to participate in the 3 sports, 8 events, and 2 demonstration events of the Games,” the letter confirmed.

The delegation is also planning two demonstrations of traditional types of sports: Chinese wrestling and Mongolian wrestling.

As it is reported, the General Administration of Sport of China has authorized the Sport Administration of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to send a sporting delegation to participate in the WNG. The head of the Delegation will be Shi Liming, the Deputy Director-General of the Sport Administration of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

As of July 25th, the list of provisional applications to the WNG 2016 includes 19 countries:

    1. Argentina (alysh);
    2. Armenia (alysh);
    3. Azerbaijan (alysh);
    4. Brazil (alysh);
    5. China (horse races, alysh, mas-wrestling, archery);
    6. Colombia (alysh);
    7. Ecuador (alysh);
    8. Guatemala (alysh);
    9. Hungary (archery);
    10. Indonesia (martial arts);
    11. Israel (martial arts);
    12. Kazakhstan (martial arts, horse races, ordo, toguz korgool, kok-boru, er enish);
    13. Mongolia (martial arts);
    14. Pakistan (martial arts)
    15. Peru (alysh);
    16. RF Bashkoristan (martial arts, kok-boru, archery);
         RF Sverdlovsk Oblast (martial arts);
         RF Karachaevo-Cherkessia (martial arts);
    17. Slovakia (archery);
    18. Turkmenistan (martial arts);
    19. USA (martial arts, ordo, intellectual games).

As for the participation of Armenia in the WNG 2016, the Secretariat officially clarified the following: on July 22nd, independent media organizations published information about how Armenia declined to participate in the Games.

The Republic of Armenia’s participation in the WNG 2016 had already been worked out between the Alysh Federations of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Armenia.

Despite the fact that the Ministry of Sport of Armenia declined to participate in the WNG, the agreement made between the federations of the two countries remains in force.

For reference: According to the regulations about the execution of the Second World Nomad Games, participating countries must send their final applications for participation in sporting competitions before August 7th, 2016.