05.09.2016 16:00

Competitions in National Hunting Salbuurun have Finished

Competitions in national hunting Salbuurun, held in Kyrchyn Gorge (Issyk-Kul region), as part of the World Nomad Games have come to an end.

Participants from 5 countries have competed for awards in several types of hunting with birds of prey and taigans.
Athletes from Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Italy have participated in competitions, including 14 athletes in Burkut saluu and 8 participants in Dalba oinotuu.
The final results:

Burkut saluu – hunting with birds of prey:
1st place – Aibek Sagynbaev – Kyrgyzstan
2nd place – Chyngyz Dyikanov – Kyrgyzstan
3rd place – Zhalgaz Akimbaev – Kazkhstan

Dalba oinotuu – falcon flying to the lure:
1st place – Mirlan Khalilov – Kyrgyzstan
2nd place – Nurseit Beishebaev – Kyrgyzstan
3rd place – Rinat Masalbekov – Kyrgyzstan