08.09.2016 16:16

In a Final Match in Kok Boru the National Team of Kyrgyzstan Defeated the Team of Kazakhstan

Today, September 8, in a fifth competition day, the final match in Kok Boru between the national teams of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan was held at the hippodrome in Cholpon-Ata city as part of the World Nomad Games.

Kyrgyz athletes from the first seconds of the game gave a powerful rebuff to Kazakhs and went on attack. In a first time half the Kyrgyz players clearly superior over their rivals and in in 20 minutes could throw 7 times the carcass of a goat to taikazan of the opponent, but the Kazakh players could throw only at the last minutes. The end of a first half 7:1 in favor of the national team of Kyrgyzstan.

In a second half, the Kyrgyz players as they do in the first half, steadily picked up over the Kazakhs and three times managed to score a goal, and the Kazakhs raised their score to 3. Result of the second half 10:3 in favor of the national team of Kyrgyzstan.

In the third half, the Kyrgyz players could throw 5 times the carcass of a goat to the taikazan of the opponent and at the same time during the third half didn’t give to Kazakh players any chance to throw the carcass. The third time ended with a score 15:3 in favor of the national team of Kyrgyzstan.

Thus, places are allocated as follows: 1st place – Kyrgyzstan, 2nd place – Kazakhstan and 3rd place – China.

The winners for the first place received a certificate of 3.5 million kgs, 2nd place – 1 million kgs and 3rd place – 600 thousand kgs.

The Secretariat of the World Nomad Games