14.04.2018 19:59

Kyrgyz Prime-Minister: it is impossible to imagine the WNG without participation of volunteers


During the opening of the festive meeting the Prime-Minister noted that being volunteer is serious and responsible task.

“I am very delighted to welcome you on today’s event dedicated to launching of volunteer program of Third World Nomad Games in 2018. It’s encouraging to note that there is no analogue to our Games in the world. The Kyrgyz Republic had initiated the World Nomad Games. I hope our Games will gain the same popularity as Olympic Games did. Especially I want to emphasize the work of volunteers. It is impossible to imagine the World Nomad Games without participation of volunteers. The impression of Kyrgyzstan of our guests, tourists who came to the republic depends particularly on you - WNG volunteers.” - Sapar Isakov said.


The Prime Minister has emphasized that the organizations of such projects will pave the way to the future development of the country and we will see the effect of its realization in some time.

“Each of us has to be interested in promotion and development of Kyrgyzstan, particularly in attracting investors and tourists, in economic recovery, since it’s all in our hands. Besides, volunteer movement has already demonstrated its relevance, specifically in giving a real help during conducting large events on international level.” - Sapar Isakov noted and thanked the youth for the decision to become a volunteer.


It is important to note, that Secretariat has received more than 3460 applications from potential volunteers. 1000 applicants were shortlisted for the second stage of volunteers selection - interview. During second stage 802 young people were interviewed for III WNG participation. According to the interviews results, the Commission has selected more than 550 people, among them 40 foreigners from 15 countries.

Third World Nomad Games will take place from 2 till 8 of September of 2018 in Issyk-Kul.