16.08.2018 11:40

Сompetitions in traditional art “Kochmondordun turmushtuk oiundary” will be held in Kyrchyn

Competition of traditional art will be conducted on September, 5 in Kyrchyn ethno village. In the framework of the contest “Kochmondordun turmushtuk oiundary” cultural teams arrived from all regions of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek and Osh cities, as well as representatives of public and cultural organizations and centers will compete in various traditional art forms that were used in the life of nomadic people: “Iyik iyiruu” (“Spinning yarn”), “Juk jyiuu” (“Folding blankets in a pile”), “Ala kiyiz basuu” (“Making a felt carpet”), “Chii soguu” (“Weaving a felt mat”),"Joo aitysh" (“Competition on masterful possession of the word"),"Uuk jasaluuchu taldy tez archuu"("Quick cleaning poles, used to install the Yurt”) and others.

Such contests will be held for the first time in the framework of the World Nomad Games. The main purpose of the competitions is to show to the youth  and foreign guests the traditional art of  ancient nomads, things and objects used in everyday life of nomads, methods of their production.  

Sixteen teams will take part in the republican contest “Iyik iyiruu”. Competition for the fastest and highest quality spinning yarn will last only 15 minutes. The jury will eventually evaluate the quality of the thread, its length and fineness, correct manufacturing and use of the spindle, the quality of wool.

In the competition “Juk jyiuu” participants will show the skills of traditional folding blankets in a pile, in particular the ability to put the bride's dowry with a regional perspective. This tradition was widely used in the life of Kyrgyz nomads. Skills of folding blankets, made in the national style, passed from mother to daughter. The winner of the competition will be the participant who lays down blankets quickly and due to all the traditional rules.

“Ala kiyiz basuu” - making a felt carpet. Since ancient times, nomadic Kyrgyz made various things from sheep wool, including felt carpets. In this competition the team must show the skill of making felt carpets with the application of patterns. The jury will evaluate the skills, quality of work, felt color and other parameters.

The Yurt is the traditional portable housing of the nomadic Kyrgyz. A mat called "chiy" was also used in the manufacture of yurts. In the competition “Chii soguu” teams will show the skills of making traditional mats.

Nomadic Kyrgyz during the pastimes (toi) held the competitions of storytellers. In the contest “Joo aitysh” participants will compete in the mastery of the word. The jury will assess the ability of oral storytelling (aitysh), knowledge of tongue twisters, proverbs and more.

“Uuk jasaluuchu taldy tez archuu” - quick cleaning poles used for installation of the Yurt. This competition will be attended by masters from seven regions, cities of Bishkek and Osh, as well as representatives of social and cultural organizations and centers. Each team must clean 5 poles 5 meters long.

Conduction of competitions in traditional art “Kochmondordun turmushtuk oundary” allows not only to recreate the elements of nomads’ life, but also to learn more about their ancestors and to touch the history of nomads.