28.07.2016 23:00

Staff Met to Ensure Safety During World Nomad Games

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Jenish Razakov led a meeting about ensuring safety and order during the preparations and carrying out of the Second World Nomad Games.

Leaders of law enforcement agencies, ministers, and staff took part in the meeting.

“It is necessary for us to take all essential measures to ensure safety and order during the preparations and implementation of the Second World Nomad Games. For this, law enforcement agencies have taken on particular responsibility,” emphasized Deputy Prime Minister Razakov.

The Minister of Internal Affairs Kashkar Junushaliev also added that over 4,000 police officers and 2,000 automobiles will be available to ensure safety.

In order to guarantee safety and order, a group was created that includes representatives of relevant governmental departments.

In addition, a decision was made to become familiar with the surroundings of the Games in accordance with preparations, in order to better guarantee safety and order.

In keeping with these ideas, Deputy Prime Minister Razakov instructed the group to create a detailed plan to ensure safety in Manas and Tamchy International Airports, as well as on the road between Manas International Airport and Bishkek, between Bishkek and Cholpon-Ata, and in the areas where the events will take place.

Source: Public Relations Department of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic