24.08.2016 10:07

Unique Smart Phone Designed for Nomad Games

A unique smartphone design, dedicated to the Nomad Games – this is the quintessential spirit of the undefeated and unconquered nomadic civilization. Who are the nomads? Brave warriors, fighters, eternal wanderers, travelers and wise people, who have left us a legacy of their unique culture.

The design of the device, covered in gold, gives a feeling of untouched strength and greatness. In the center of the composition shines the symbol of the Games, full of deep philosophical meaning. In the center of a circle, which represents the universe, stands a horse – the embodiment of the nomadic lifestyle, and on it sits an unusual rider – a solar person, whose head is divided into four parts by a cross and who embodies the essence of heavenly blessings.

The gold covering of the phone adds to the imagery of the sun, an image borrowed from the flag of the Kyrgyz Republic and divided into two parts, covered in engravings. This phone transmits the ideas of pride, freedom and connection with many centuries of unity. 

Learn more about the smart phone here.