04.09.2016 15:00

Competitions on Kazakh kuresh are over

Today, September 4, competitions on Kazakh kuresh among men within the World Nomad Games have come to the end. Competitions were held in sports and recreation center in Cholpon-Ata city.
58 athletes from 17 countries participated in competitions. 20 medals were played: 5 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze.
The final results: 
up to 60kg: 
1st place – Talgat Shegenov (Kazakhstan) 
2nd place – Aidin Mukhtarov (Kyrgyzstan) 
3rd place– Otgon Chinbat (Mongolia) 
3rd place – Batyr Gurbanyazov (Turkmenistan) 
Up to 70 kg: 
1st place – Adilet Seyilhanov (Kazakhstan) 
2nd place – Mirlan Eraliev (Kyrgyzstan) 
3rd place – Ilyas Momunov (Turkmenistan) 
3rd place – Emil Khasanov (Azerbaijan) 
Up to 80 kg:
1st place – Daulet Pakhredinov (Kazakhstan) 
2nd place – Vugar Bairamov (Azerbaijan) 
3rd place – Hamroz Rachabov (Tajikistan) 
3rd place – Esenbek Shatman uulu (Kyrgyzstan) 
Up to 90 kg:
1st place – Sungat Zakaryaev (Kazakhstan) 
2nd place – Bahtiyar Abbasov (Azerbaijan) 
3rd place – Serdar Zhorakulyev (Turkmenistan) 
3rd place – Mirbek Bekzhanov (Kyrgyzstan) 
Over 90 kg: 
1st place – Rustem Arslanov (Russia) 
2nd place – Elaman Ergaliev (Kazakhstan) 
3rd place – Anar Dorj (Mongolia) 
3rd place – Camran Rostami (Iran) 
For reference: “Kazakf kuresh” – is a type of traditional wrestling of Kаzakhstan. Teams are made up of 7 people: 5 athletes, 1 coach and 1 referee. Competitions are held among men in the following weight categories: -60 kg, 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, and +90 kg.