06.09.2018 20:27

Let your path be blessed! In the Issyk-Kul Ordo three twins were cut open

On September 6, in the ethnographic village "Kyrchyn" consisting of 138 yurts in the "Issyk-Kul", Ordo the theatrical performance "Cutting Open to Three Twins" was shown. Each process, including the ceremony of blessing the kids' first steps, reflecting the ancient Kyrgyz traditions, was accompanied by a song accompaniment by the herald of the fiesta.

"Aksakal (old wise man) of Issyk-Kul Karypbek, who is like venerable Bakai and our holy grandmother Kanykei Janyl, cuts open to their three grandchildren! We cut them open! From this side there is Naryn, that side is Batken, Osh, Jalal-Abad, the cradle - Sary-Ozon-Chui – people, come from everywhere. Give your blessing! "- proclaimed the herald of the holiday to the seven regions of the state about the three twins Adil, Adele and Alia, born just when the current President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov, as prime minister, gave his first blessing when they were born.

Within the framework of the World Nomad Games in the Ordo of Issyk-Kul different regions from all seven districts of Kyrgyzstan show different episodes from the life of Kyrgyz nomads, scenes associated with ancient traditions and customs.

"Today on the last operation day of the ethnographic village "Kyrchyn" there is a theatrical performance “Cutting Open". In this performance where the three twins are cut open through the twined two threads of black and white color, accompanied by the blessings of the elder of the sage and the old age grandmother, we see a reflection of the philosophy of Kyrgyz nomads’ lives" said the head of the culture department of the Issyk-Kul region Gulnura Bayakunova.

In the presence of the residents of the district, guests who came from the seven regions, also foreign guests, the festive process of cutting open was held. Numerous children who participated in the running ceremony of cutting open process were divided into three groups. All those who came to the fiesta on that occasion were offered sweets, there was a concert for the guests - they performed traditional dances, songs, even grandmothers in white Elechek sang songs and danced accompanied by musicians.