06.07.2016 09:00

The Head of Gazprom Will Attend the World Nomad Games

Aleksey Miller made a promise to visit the World Nomad Games during the regular press conference at the annual general meeting of shareholders and reporting of the financial year to media representatives. He said: “This year I personally plan to come cheer for our Kyrgyz friends.”

The Second World Nomad Games, held this September next to Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan, will gather athletes from more than 40 countries, heads of state, and famous figures from sports, culture and science. The First Nomad Games were held in 2012, also near Lake-Issyk Kul. According to the organizing committee, the Games will strengthen centuries-old traditions, ways of life and activities of widespread nomadic civilizations. The Games will contribute to the preservation of nomadic culture, ways of life and history.

For this reason, the program of the Games includes 80 km horse races, wrestling on horseback, javelin, archery, hunting with eagles and falcons, greyhound racing, and various kinds of traditional wrestling. In total, 23 different kinds of sports will be represented at the Games. According to the head of Gazprom, a sport and recreation center will be built in Cholpon-Ata, on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul, as part of the Gazprom to the Children Program, and some competitions will be held there. In addition, through different kinds of support, the company will use their media organizations, including TV channels, to support the event.

Source: RIA Tribuna