05.09.2016 21:19

The National Team of Kyrgyzstan Won 4 medals in Gyulesh

Today, September 5, the competition in Gyulesh (Azerbaijani wrestling) among men was held in Sports and Recreation Center (Cholpon-Ata) as part of the World Nomad Games.

44 athletes from 13 countries (Russia, Sri-Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Latvia) participated in competitions. 24 medals were awarded: 6 gold, 6 silver and 12 bronze.

The final results:

Up to 50 kg:
1st place – Shahriyar Salmanov (Azerbaijan)  
2nd place – Berdibek Kadyrbek uul (Kyrgyzstan)  
3rd place – Rahimzhan Holmatov (Uzbekistan)

Up to 60 kg:
1st place – Galib Aliev (Azerbaijan)  
2nd place – Ahliorbek Makhmudov (Uzbekistan)  
3rd place – Didar Satbev (Kazakhstan)  
3rd place – Ilfak Ibatilin (Russia)  

Up to 70 kg:
1st place – Zhoshgun Azimov (Azerbaijan)  
2nd place – Toktobaev Bekzhan (Kyrgyzstan)  
3rd place – Mahmudzhon Odilov (Uzbekistan)
3rd place – Farid Mursalov (Russia)  

Up to 80 kg:
1st place – Bahtiyar Israfilli (Azerbaijan)  
2nd place – Ersultan Muzapparov (Kazakhstan)  
3rd place – Feizi Mahdi (Iran)  
3rd place – Zhanis Rerish (Latvia)

Up to 90 kg:
1st place – Vafaepur Hadi (Iran)
2nd place – Tural Aliev (Azerbaijan)
3rd place – Zhandarbek Bolotbek uulu (Kyrgyzstan)
3rd place – Rakhid Namidli (Azerbaijan)

Over 90 kg:
1st place – Barbat Abolfazi (Iran)
2nd place – Roman Bakirov (Azerbaijan)
3rd place – Andris Ozolins-Ozols (Latvia)
3rd place – Amil Zhorobekov (Kyrgyzstan)

For reference: Gyulesh is a type of Azerbaijani wrestling. Teams have eight members, which include six athletes, one coach and one referee. Men over 18 compete in the following weight categories: 50 kg, 60 kg, 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, and 90+ kg.