06.07.2016 18:00

Turkmenistan Will Participate in World Nomad Games

From September 3rd through 8th, on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul, one of the largest sporting events in the history of Kyrgyzstan will take place – the Second World Nomad Games. The World Nomad Games differ from traditional sporting events – this spectacular event combines the sports of nomadic peoples, not present at any major sporting events, with cultural events and sports shows, representing the customs and traditions of participating countries. The initiative to organize the Games started with Kyrgyzstan, with the idea of reviving and preserving cultural identity and ways of life of nomadic people in the age of globalization.

The First World Nomad Games were held in Kyrgyzstan in September 2014. Ten different kinds of sports were showcased, and athletes from 19 countries attended.

This year, the number of sporting events has risen to 23, including martial arts, horse racing, horse competitions, archery competitions, and hunting with birds of prey and hounds.

High in the mountains, in Kyrchyn Gorge, a city of nomadic culture is planned that will recreate yurts with their original interiors; craftsmen’s workshops are also organized to produce handicrafts. A folk festival will also be organized during the Games.

This year’s Games will bring together athletes from over 40 countries, including Azerbaijan, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Iran, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mongolia, Russia, USA, Turkey, and Turkmenistan, among others.

Turkmenistan has lots to offer to a festival of this kind: hunting with falcons and hounds; magnificent Akhal-Teke, Goresh and belt-wrestling; the ancient art of carpet weaving and jewelry; original songs and dances; and colorful national costumes.

Source: News of Turkmenistan