At Chabysh

At Chabysh

Traditional Horse Racing. To the national horse racing are referred long distance horse racing and the race of pacers.

National horse racing is subdivided to types depending on horse age, distance and racing technique:

1. At Chabysh – long distance racing.
2. Kunan Chabysh – racing two-year-old horses.
3. Zhorgo Salysh – pacer racing.
4. Byshty Zhorgo – pacer racing of three-year-old horses.


AT CHABYSH – long distance racing.

Composition of the team - 2 horses, 2 riders, 2 coaches, 2 grooms.

Age of the riders – 12 and older. Horses of all breeds over 3 years old are allowed to race. Racing is held over a distance of 22 km.

The national team of the Kyrgyz Republic consists of 18 horses (2 horses from each region including Bishkek and Osh cities), 18 riders, 18 coaches and 18 grooms.

Download: competition rules of At Chabysh