Salbuurun – Kyrgyz national kinds of hunting.

Salbuurun - complex hunting games of the Kyrgyz people with hunting birds and dogs.


DALBA – hunting with a falcon (Kyrgyz Republic).

Composition of the team – 4 people: maximum 3 kushchu (falconer), 1 coach.

The speed of the falcon is evaluated in this form of competition by running on a lure. 3 minutes are given to each kushchu (falconer) to test his falcon. During this time, the bird should fly from the air to simulate an attack on the lure while the falconer turns the rope. The lures are made of partridge, pheasant and pigeon feathers taken from the tail and wings. According to the rules, the judge notes how many times the falcon flew and simulated attacks on the lure. The winner is determined by the highest number of points.

Download: competition rules of Dalba