Burkut Saluu

Burkut Saluu

Salbuurun – Kyrgyz national kinds of hunting.

Salbuurun - complex hunting games of the Kyrgyz people with hunting birds and dogs.


BURKUT SALUU – hunting with eagles (Kyrgyz Republic).

Composition of the teams – 4 people: maximum 3 berkutchi (hunter with eagles), 1 coach.
In this kind of competitions the participants are using their eagles in two exercises: undok and chyrga. The winner of the Burkut Saluu competition is determined based on the number of points that were earned in two previous competitions – chyrga and undok.

Undok. The Eagle is seated at a distance of 200 meters in this contest. At the judge's signal the hunter begins to holler at his/her eagle, holding the bait. The arrival of the eagle on the arm is considered to be the estimated time. If during 2 minutes the eagle does not react to the master’s voice, the shot will not be counted. Only one response can be allowed for each participant’s eagle.

Chyrga. Here, every berkutchi (the hunter with an eagle) points his eagle in the direction of a plaster cast made from the skins of foxes, which a rider galloping on a horse will drag behind him. The eagle has to fly to the dummy, moving at an average speed, and grab it. The time and speed of the bird’s flight is recorded. The level of the eagle’s training is determined by this exercise. The Berkutchi scores a point. According to the rules, a hunter can run their eagle only one time.

Download: competition rules of Burkut Saluu