Great Nomad Wrestling

Great Nomad Wrestling

The great nomad wrestling is the freestyle united belt wrestling of the nomads.

Belt wrestling is one of the oldest forms of wrestling. It is present in the culture of many nations of the world. Descriptions of wrestling competitions, when two athletes are tested for strength and compete in dexterity and endurance, are found in ancient books and epics of many nations of the world. Due to the simplicity of perception and entertainment reasons, the belt wrestling is preserved in its original form to the present day in the traditional culture of ethnic groups and nations of the world.

The rules for the Great nomad wrestling are extremely simple, and the interventions of the judges are minimized, in the wrestling there was only one rule: for the victory it is necessary to  throw the opponent to the ground, no points were taken into account. Therefore, the competitions allow to conduct a clean and fair wrestling and reveal the absolute winner. The great nomad wrestling is carried out without taking into account the weight of wrestlers (Openweight). After all, in ancient times there were no scales, and in the competition, the greatest bogatyrs were the most successful. In them only the absolute winner was revealed without defining the second, third, etc. places, because then the wrestling used to be conducted on the principle: "The great winner is one, all the rest are equal (losers)!".

In the great nomad wrestling, only the winners of other types of wrestling take part, who in the competition represent their nation, the country and their type of martial arts.

The basis of the great nomad wrestling is built on these principles: the wrestling is conducted with the capturing of the rival's belt, any actions that correspond to the high moral spirit of the heroes are allowed, any throw brings victory. The rules of the Great nomad wrestling, the types of tricks, the procedure for determining the winners were borrowed from the rules of traditional forms of struggle of the Azerbaijani, Iranian, Turkish, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Russian, Turkmen, Mongolian, Tatar, Japanese and other ethnic groups and nations of the world.

The winner of the competition in the Great nomad wrestling is declared the Great Fighter, His name is written in golden letters in the stylized ancient book of the Great winners of the World Nomadic Games.

All the procedures for conducting competitions for the great wrestling of nomads correspond to the traditions and culture of nomadic nations, the competition is held in the same format as many centuries ago. In those distant times, when the two warring nations met, the outcome of the battle, in some cases, was decided not in a mass battle with a large number of victims, but in the wrestling of the giants against each other. Each wrestler entered the arena in national dress, he welcomed his rival, thus paying tribute to his people. Then folk akyns (poets-improvisers), supporting the morale, glorifying their warrior-fighter, glorified his feats in the form of songs, dances and legends.


GREAT NOMAD WRESTLING – free united belt wrestling of the nomads.

The winners of competitions in the national wrestling in the absolute weight category2 take part in the Great Nomad Wrestling of the WNG III. The participants in the competitions are all men.

The Great Nomad Wrestling tournament is held under the rules of Free United Belt Nomad Wrestling. The winner of the Great Nomad Wrestling competitions is awarded the title of the Great Wrestler.

All the procedures of the Great Nomad Wrestling, including the sportsmen’s parade, exit of wrestlers to the carpet, competitions, and the choice of winners will be held as theatrical performances with the musical and creative accompaniment of the ethnographic groups of the participating countries and organizing countries.

The Great Wrestler is awarded with money, valuable prizes and other ethno attributes and his name will be added to the Great Winners’ Book of the World Nomad Games. The Great wrestler will be an honored guest at the next Games, where he protects (defends) his title from contenders. If he loses or does not take part in the competition at all, the name of a new Great wrestler will be written in the Book of Great Winners of the World Nomad Games.

Download: competition rules of Great Nomad Wrestling