Sambo is a Russian (Soviet) type of martial arts, as well as a comprehensive self-defense system.

Sambo traditions are rooted in the culture of the people of Russia, in the types of traditional wrestling. Sambo includes the best practices of national martial arts: fistfight, Russian, Georgian, Tatar, Armenian, Kazakh, Uzbek wrestling; Finnish-French, Free-American, English, Swiss wrestling, Japanese judo and sumo and other martial arts.

Sports sambo is a type of wrestling, in which the main thing is effective defense. No wonder the full name of Sambo is self-defense without weapons. In Sambo one can win an early victory, with the help of painful technique or an effective throw.

Unlike sports sambo, combat sambo remained a prerogative for exclusively special forces fighters for a long time. This kind of martial art is a whole complex of techniques from more than fifty types of martial arts. In addition to throws, captures and techniques, there are a variety of shots used. Not surprisingly, a duel in combat sambo can end with knockout or knockdown. Such fights, as a rule, are rather fleeting and the main goal is to defeat the enemy at any cost.


SAMBO – national wrestling (Russian Federation).

Composition of the team – 9 people: 7 athletes, 2 coaches.

Athletes older than 18 are allowed to take part in competitions.

The sambo competitions are held among men. In all weight categories a maximum of 1 athlete is allowed. Weight categories:
Among men: – up to 52 kg., up to 57 kg., up to 62 kg., up to 68 kg., up to 74 kg., up to 82 kg, absolute weight category.

Competitions are held under the current rules of the International Sambo Federation.

The winner among men in the absolute weight category has the right to take part in the Great Nomad Wrestling.

Download: competition rules of Sambo