Endurance is a discipline of equestrian sport, in which the primacy is determined by the best time of passing the distance by the athlete on a horse, provided that its physiological parameters are maintained.

Endurances are aimed at developing the horse's remote endurance and rider's ability to correctly calculate the horse's physical capabilities at a distance. Race competitions are held in natural conditions, on a specially marked track, with the measurement of the distance crossed and with the veterinary control of the horse throughout the competition.

It is believed that equestrian runs originate in Arabia, where the Bedouin nomads, discovering that horses in the desert can move faster than camels, began to experience Arab horses in races.



Endurance riding is held according to the rules of the FEI (International Equestrian Federation).

Composition of the foreign teams – 4 horses, 4 riders, 4 grooms, 4 coaches, 1 veterinarian, 1 representative.
Composition of the national team of the Kyrgyz Republic – 5 horses, 5 riders, 5 grooms, 5 coaches, 1 veterinarian, 1 representative.

Endurance riding is held over the following distance:
- CEI 1* – 80 km;

Requirements of the participants:
- riders must be registered in the FEI data base;
- minimum weight of a rider must be 75 kg including all gear;
- horses must have national passports (for Kyrgyzstan only) and FEI passports;
- applications for taking part in the competitions must be filed in the FEI Entry System by national federations;
- minimum age of the rider is 14 years old;
- minimum age of the horse is 6 years old. The required qualification for a rider and a horse in competitions is not less than CEN 40-79 (national competitions not less than 40-79 km).

The combination that finishes the course in the shortest time will be classified as the winner of the Competition after successfully completing all final Veterinary Inspections (At the Final Inspection, the Maximum Pulse shall be 64 bpm within 30 minutes).

Download: competition rules of Endurance